Laima Nomeikaite

Laima Nomeikaite is a cultural researcher, physical improviser and currently PhD candidate in cultural studies at Roskilde University in Denmark and University of South-Eastern Norway. In recent years she has worked on a variety of projects related to culture and heritage research. Nomeikaite has led the research project ‘Street art, heritage and urban space’ at the Norwegian Institute for cultural heritage research (NIKU). Together with her friends she has also for several years led the festival ‘Matgilde mot Hungersnød’ (Feast against Famine) in Bergen in collaboration with the former street art collective Bart. Nomeikaite has taken part in the improvisation company ‘På Stående Fot’ led by chorographer Kristine Nilsen Oma.


3. jun | 15:00 - 15:50 | Brenneriet

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