Inga Iwasiów (1963) is a literary scholar, historian and critic, a poetess and a prose writer, professor of literature. From 1999 till 2012 she was the editor-in-chief of a Szczecin bimonthly literary magazine “Pogranicza”. Judge of the Nike Literary Award (2009-2013) and of the “Gryfia” Prize for Authoresses. Chairman of the Polish Autobiographical Association. Author of “Gender for Intermediates: the Szczecin Lectures” (2004, 2008); poetry collections  “Love” (2000) and “39/41” (2004); short story collection “Tastes and Touches” (2006). Novels published: “Bambino” (2008, Austrian Bank Austria Literaris award in the Central European literature category), “Towards the Sun” (2010), “Cutting It short” (2012). In 2013 Iwasiów published three books: “Blogotony”, “He Died On Me”, “Borders. Politic of female prose and discourse after 1989”.