Marek Bieńczyk (1956) – author of fiction and essays, historian of literature, translator from French (books by Milan Kundera, Roland Barthes, Emil Cioran). Graduate of the Institute for French Studies, University of Warsaw; contributor to the French quarterly “L’atelier du roman” and Polish weekly “Tygodnik Powszechny”. Author of two novels: “Terminal” (1994) and “Tworki” (1999), he also published collections of essays: “Melancholy – on Those Who Never Recover What They’ve Lost” (1998), “Dürer’s Eyes – On Romantic Melancholy” (2002), “Transparency” (2007, English edition 2012, Dalkey Archive Press). For “Face Book” (2011) Bieńczyk received the NIKE award. He has also published children books, including “Prince in the Pastry-shop”. His works have been published in English, French, Spanich, German, Russian and Bulgarian.