Trilok Gurtu band plays  a jazz and fusion mix with inspiration from Indien.

Trilok Gurtu, a world class, virtuoso percussionist
Jesse Milliner, piano and keyboards
Christian Kappe, trumpet 
Jonathan Ihlenfeld Cuniado, bass

Trilok Gurtu was born into a highly musical family in Bombay, India where his grandfather was a noted Sitar player and his mother Shobha Gurtu, a classical singing star and constant influence. He began to play practically from infancy at the age of six. Eventually Trilok traveled to Europe, joining up with trumpeter Don Cherry (father of Neneh and Eagle Eye) for two years; touring worldwide with Oregon, the highly respected jazz group and was an important part of the quartet that L. Shankar led with Jan Garbarek and Zakir Hussain. 

In between group performances he appeared at a number of prestigious solo percussion recitals and gave guest performances on albums by John McLaughlin, Pharoah Sanders, Nitin Sawhney, Lalo Schifrin, Gilberto Gil, Bill Laswell & Annie Lennox.

For Gurtu jazz is an attitude which makes it possible for him in the first place to overcome the boundaries between styles and genres; and to elaborate the quintessence – also in emotional terms – of his music: jazz as a universal language which, despite all of its different dialects, is spoken and understood all over the world.