Vigdis Hjorth debuted in 1983 with the children’s book Pelle-Ragnar i den gule gården, for which she received the Norsk Kulturråds debut award. For her second book, Jørgen + Anne er sant, she won the Kritikerprisen.  With such novels as If Only (2001), Wheel Change (2007), Tredje person entall (2009), Talk to me (2010), Tredve dager i Sandefjord (2011) og Leve posthornet! (2012) she is now recognized as a strong and fearless political author. She received the Gyldendalprisen in 2011 for her literary work and the Kritikerprisen in 2012 for Leve posthornet! Et norsk hus was published in 2014 to rapt reviews and she received the Brages Hederprisen the same year. It is no surprise that Vigdis Hjorth is a regular at the festival, she is one of the most important and most read authors of her generation – this was confirmed with this year’s release of Arv og miljø. This book has been the subject of much debate in the press, a number of key questions were raised and reality literature re-enforced as a theme. What remains without doubt is that Vigdis Hjorth has once again cemented her position in literary circles.