Once again, Indian literature has become relevant in our part of the world. These writers who, for many years, have encouraged waves of translations in Norway, have now matured further and are important participants in the social debates across India. With Nationalism on the rise, we must now look at Indian literature in a totally new way – as a warning.

India is a land where many religions, ethnic groups and languages co-exist, while the country is also marked by extreme differences between rich and poor, the upper and lower classes, men and women, and those in minorities. What characterizes the literature of a land which is often considered the world’s largest democracy? Check out our India-themed festival trail:

Opening Performance Tuesday 30.05.17 | 19.00-20.30 | MAIHAUGEN

The Indian Rapes Wednesday 31.05.17 | 11.00-11.50 | LILLEHAMMER KUNSTMUSEUM, SAL 2

Mother and Father in Goa Wednesday 31.05.17 | 14.00-14.50 | LILLEHAMMER BIBLIOTEK

Welcome to Bollywood! Jodhaa Akbar Wednesday 31.05.17 | 18.00-22.00 | LILLEHAMMER KINO, SAL 4

Salma – poetry and the liberation of women Thursday 01.06.17 | 13.00-14.45 | LILLEHAMMER KINO, SAL 1

Literature and Indian Feminism Friday 02.06.17 | 14.00-14.50 | KULTURHUSET BANKEN, FESTSALEN

The Potentaial of Prose Friday 02.06.17 | 16.00-16.50 | TELTET

Morning Concert Saturday 03.06.17 | | SØNDRE PARK

Laxmi Saturday 03.06.17 | 16:00-16:50 | Galleri Zink