Norwegian crime literature is always of the highest quality and as popular as ever. How is it that such a safe country, with low crime figures, has become such a successful launch pad for tales of human destruction, and an environment capable of turning weak souls into criminal desperadoes. Hear more about this, play detective or find your very own thriller with our festival trail for crime lovers:

Eirik Jensen: Virkeligheten overgår fiksjonen | Wednesday 31.05.17 | 18.00-18.50 | Teltet
Crime From A Brutal Reality | Thursday 01.06.17 | 17.00-17.50 | Lillehammer Bibliotek
Finn morderen! | Saturday 03.06.17 | 16.00-17.00 | Teltet
Uoppklarte forbrytelser | Saturday 03.06.17 | 20.00-21.00 | Teltet
Krim i teltet | Sunday 04.06.17 | 14.00-14.50 | Teltet


Please note: only one of these events is a dedicated English language event, but you’re sure to find many interesting crime buffs along the way!