The festival offers a great opportunity to get inside the minds of some of Norway’s foremost writers. Sometimes in conversation regarding their own work, at other times discussing the work of others, or in debate over the world we live in today.

For those of you keen to learn more about Norwegian literature, or to have the opportunity to hear what some of our favourite Norwegian writers have to say, follow this festival trail:


Opening Performance Tuesday 30.05.17 | | MAIHAUGSALEN

Mother and Father in Goa Wednesday 31.05.17 | 14.00-14.50 | LILLEHAMMER BIBLIOTEK

Who are we writing for? Wednesday 31.05.17 | | LILLEHAMMER KUNSTMUSEUM, SAL 2

Knausgård meets Bennett Wednesday 31.05.17 | | LILLEHAMMER LIBRARY

Literary Gala Thursday 01.06.17 | | MAIHAUGSALEN

Human Beings and Nature Friday 02.06.17 | | CAFE STIFT

Freedom of Expression Under Pressure Friday 02.06.17 | | BJERKEBÆK

Forms of Grief Saturday 03.06.17 | | CAFE STIFT


Please note: these are not the only English language events, for the full English programme, click here