This year’s Bjørnson lecture will be held by the succesful writer of The History of Bees, Maja Lunde, with English subtitles.

On, 10.30 pm (+2 GMT), Saturday 30th of May

UPDATE: Watch the video here:





One hour before the regular festival launch, you can hear a thought-provoking lecture by Maja Lunde, the author of fabulously successful novels such as The History of Bees and Blue. Lunde is this year’s winner of the important Bjørnson Award:

“Just like Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson [Winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1903], Maja Lunde is a writer who fights for better human conditions and dignity. Her writing has succeeded in conveying this in a way that hits home to people around the world.”

In the spirit of this connection, she will give this year’s Bjornson lecture asking such questions as: “In the midst of this crisis, what do we feel, what do we think, what do we do? What could we have done differently, and how might we act in the future?”. The lecture is given in Norwegian with English subtitles, translated by Diane Oatley.