Henry Bowers

Henry Bowers is one of Europe’s leading slam-poets. He is also nationally known and acclaimed as one of Sweden’s best hip-hop acts. Henry Bowers is also known as Kung Henry, which is the name used when the lyrics are in Swedish. Henry’s poetry and music is reflecting society as well as his person with a huge spark in the eye and a lot of irony. It’s intelligent, sharp and to the point. In an effective way he breaks down the wall between high culture and mass culture as he takes influences from and refers to everything from horror films and children’s stories to classic masterpieces and great philosophers, everything combined with a dose of humour. Three years of studying philosophy is reflected in Henry’s lyrics and you also find influences from literary role models such as Franz Kafka, Paul Auster and Edgar Allan Poe. His musical influences come from a wide range of genres. Among them hip-hop acts like Public Enemy, Aesop Rock, Saul Williams and Buck 65, other than that influences are taken from punk, metal, reggae and artists like Johnny Cash, Tom Waits and Woody Guthrie.