Jan Grue

Jan Grue (b. 1981) holds a PhD in Linguistics and is Professor of Qualitative Research at the University of Oslo.

Grue’s work deals with embodiment - what it means to be a body in an endlessly complex world. Combining literary exploration and elements of science fiction and speculative fiction, his stories trouble the issues of what makes a meaningful life and how we value different kinds of lives.

Jan Grue is the author of a wide-ranging body of work in fiction, non- fiction, and children’s literature. He made his debut with the short story collection Everything Under Control (2010). He has since published a further four short story collections and also novels. Among Grue’s works for children is Oliver (2012).

His autobiographical I Live a Life Like Yours was published in 2018 to critical acclaim and went on to win the Literary Critics’ Award and was nominated for the Nordic Council’s Literature Prize – as the first Norwegian non-fiction book in 50 years.