Maylis de Kerangal

They are tired but happy, the three surfing companions who have hunted for the perfect wave from the early hours of the morning and are now heading home to Le Havre. When the vans they are in careers off the road and hits a post, twenty-year-old Simon Limbres, sitting up front without a safety belt, is severely injured and falls into a coma. Simon can not be saved, but perhaps his internal organs can save other patients? Thus opens the beautiful and painful novel Mend the Living (2013) by Maylis de Kerangals. Mend the Living is one of the most gripping and elegant books the festival administration has read in a very long time. It is not without reason that the book has won several awards and has been adapted for stage and screen in France. We are looking forward to welcoming Maylis de Kerangal to Lillehammer.