Exhibitions 2018


This summer, Lillehammer Art Museum will be hosting an exhibition of ‘The Parisians’ – Jean Heiberg, Henrik Sørensen, Per Krohg and Axel Revold – all of whom studied in Paris under the French painter Henri Matisse (1896-1954).  The exhibition consists of hundreds of works on loan from art institutions and private collections across Scandinavia.  There will be tours on the 2nd and 3rd of June at 14.00.  More information about the exhibition can be found on their website – lillehammerartmuseum.com

26th May to 30 September

Bastard Art Book Fair

The art book fair Bastard is arranged in association with Oppland Kunstsenter.  This year participants include: Vagant, BABF, Teknisk Industri, Pamflett, Torpedo Press, Apis Press, Multipress, Harpefoss Hotell/TILT, Arthub Publisher, Artscene Trondheim, Kunstbanken Hedmark kunstsenter, Kunstforum, Billedkunst, Kunsthåndverk, Numer, Black Snow Press, House of Foundation, Ensayos, Beijing Trondheim, Valgfri Virkelighetsoppfatning Forlag, Opplandia, Anja Ulset, Heavy Books, Thomas Kvam, Per Jonas Lindström, Norwegian Crafts, Hverdag Books, Kunstjournalen B-post, Mondo Books, Lydgalleriet, Endless Editions, Oppland kunstsenter and many more. Visit kunstopp.no for more information about workshops and presentations. Bastard exhibits at the Oppland Art Centre from 26th May to 3rd June.  Four artists – Anja Ulset, Lisa Him-Jensen, Ebba Bring and Ivan Dujmusic – will be presenting work that explores the intersection between visual art and text/literature.

Oppland Arts Centre – Exhibition opens 26th May

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson | AULESTAD

Bjørnstjerne Bjørnson – The author, peacekeeper and human-rights activist died in Paris on 26th April 1910. His return home by train and ship was a grand affair – he was met in Copenhagen by hundreds of thousands of people and, arriving in Norway, the ship was greeted by salutes and King Haakon himself was there at the harbour.  In Kristiania (Oslo) the streets were decorated with spruce twigs and lined by a sea of people.  At the funeral ceremony at the Trefoldighetskirken there were over 500 wreaths, and in the graveyard stood two thousand school children, with flags, singing the words he had written for the Norwegian national anthem.

Aulestad/Lillehammer Museums

Quiet Steps (Stille tråkk) | GALLERI ZINK

“Every time I carry sacks of clay into my workshop, I know that within them there are kilos of stories.  When I work, I place myself together with the material and open myself to what might happen. In this direct encounter a sense of something develops, and this sense becomes the form. The figures that arise are recognisable, but I have never met them before; they enter the room on wet, grey feet and in my dialogue with the clay, I hear their stories. They are stories that perhaps tell us something about who we are, or just wish us a ‘good morning’ and provide a little smile, a tear or acknowledgement.”  Dag Bratbergsengen has given his figures a voice, and with that voice his own narrative.  Quiet steps in the artist’s private library.

Sales exhibition. In association with Galleri Zink


The essence of Ingrid Toogood’s artistic method is a reflection of the painting as a medium and an exploration of the transient and ungraspable.  The transition between the flat painted surface and the room is a theme that interests her, where mirror and shadow are essential elements to manipulate our awareness of the space, both two and three dimensionally.  Toogood expresses herself through various mediums – painting, photography, sculpture and performance – but it is the possibilities and restrictions of painting that her work revolves around.

Organizer: Elephant Kunsthall | Opening May 29.

Most Beautiful Book 2018 | LILLEHAMMER LIBRARY

Here you can enjoy browsing the winners of this year’s contest to find the Year’s Most Beautiful Book.  Arranged by Grafill and with a desire to encourage publishers, authors, designers and illustrators to produce quality books in all genres, the jury will handout prizes to worthy winners in fourteen different categories.  The Year’s Most Beautiful Book is Norway’s only competition honouring the visual side of the book industry.
Arranged by Lillehammer Library in association with Grafill. 29th May – 3rd June