With the four novels Autumn, Winter, Spring and Summer, Ali Smith presents a manifestly topical description of our time. She writes of the polarizing Brexit debate and about the planet, where some continents burn, whilst others melt. She writes about growing racism and xenophobia; in the quartet's latest novel she even tackles the closure of society as a result of an unnamed pandemic. And yet at the same time it is the unity and warmth that gives hope in a large and diverse world, which is both awful and beautiful. As Martha Nordheim writes in her review on NRK: Man's possibilities are endless. Together we can make the earth a better place, through art and language. With literary fingerspitzgefühl, Ali Smith weaves together the magical blanket of existence and leads us to sometimes lift our gaze from trivialities to find a greater meaning in the whole. For that she deserves a Nobel Prize.

Ali Smith (UK) in conversation with Linn Ullmann

Friday 3. Jun


Lillehammer bibliotek

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