Dagny Juel, Georgia, Norway

While the marketing campaign behind "the big four" was in full swing, another group existed on the side of the best sellers. Today we remember this group as the Kristiania (Oslo) bohemia, avant-garde writers, visual artists and political thinkers who travelled between Berlin, Paris and the Norwegian capital. Many of us are familiar with Ketil Bjørnstad's depiction of this environment, but it turns out that this group has aroused interest in other parts of the world. Georgian writer Zurab Karumidze has written the critically acclaimed novel Dagny, or a Love Feast, about the author and the muse Dagny Juel. These two, Ketil Bjørnstad and Zurab Karumidze, meet for conversation led by author and historian Ivo de Figueiredo.

Foto: Frøydis Urbye