Welcome to a conversation between two extraordinary debutants from England and Norway respectively. Maddie Mortimer and Ninni Nyhus each explore the language and the mysteries of the body.

In Maddie Mortimer's debut novel, Maps of our spectacular bodies, something gleeful and malevolent is moving in Lia’s body, learning her life from the inside out. A shape-shifter. A disaster tourist. It’s travelling down the banks of her canals. It’s spreading.

When a sudden diagnosis upends Lia’s world, the boundaries between her past and her present begin to collapse. Deeply buried secrets stir awake. As the voice prowling in Lia takes hold of her story, and the landscape around becomes indistinguishable from the one within, Lia and her family are faced with some of the hardest questions of all:

how can we move on from the events that have shaped us, when our bodies harbour everything?

Maddie Mortimer's astonishing debut is a symphonic journey through a woman's body: a wild and lyrical celebration of lust, forgiveness, and darkness in all of us, both heartbreaking and funny.
In this conversation she meets the Norwegian Ninni Nyhus, who made her debut with the poetry collection Jeg fant en måne i navlen last year, an astonishing, comical, outrageous and deeply human book -- the body can accommodate both incredible things and sick things, the experience of one's own body is central, and the gynecologist's treatment and communication is very unsuitable.

One day she discovers a little man in her hairbrush, the next day she finds one in the tampon box. Soon they'll be all over the apartment.

Maddie Mortimer (UK) and Ninni Nyhus. Chairman: Vilde Alette Monrad-Krohn

Friday 3. Jun



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