We celebrate queer culture year with queer icons, lesbian literature from England, queer dictionary, readings and a DJ. Tonight's presenter: Jens Kihl

Lesbian literature from England with Rune Christiansen.

Queeer icons.
Conversation with Bjørn Hatterud and Caroline Ugelstad Elnæs who are currently working on the book Skeive ikoner. Chair: Jens Kihl

Dictionary for queer
How do our most commonly used sex metaphors, sexualized insults, affect society's tolerance for queer people? And are there better alternatives?
Linda Eide and Kristin Fridtun in conversation with Jens Kihl.

Siri Lindstad talks with Douglas Stuart (UK) about the novel Young Mungo, about young men who fight to be who they are, and love who they want.

Reading by Joelle Taylor (UK), Caroline Ugelstad Elnæs and more.
Dj Cassie Brødskive

Parts of the program will be in Norwegian

Wednesday 1. Jun



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