POW! ZAP! BOOM! BAM! Bring your whole family to Maihaugen and experience a day full of performances, dance, activities and workshops. We get to meet both classic and modern superheroes through the storytelling of Trygve Ramnefjell, one of Norway's very best literature publishers. Here, both Pippi, Håndbok for Superhelter (Handbook for Superheroes) and Captain Supertruse are represented. Children are given the chance to create their own superhero together with Josef Yohannes, the creator of the international success The Urban Legend, and there will be a concert with the musical superheroes Meg og Kammeraten Min. Many local culture schools and amateur groups will be contributing to the event, and there will be theater, concerts, a tattoo parlour with superhero emblems, races with superhero themes and much more! Ordinary ticket to Maihaugen. Free entry for Festival pass holders.