The war in Ukraine continues to affect innocent people and has forced more than five million Ukrainians to flee the country. Human suffering has reached levels that can hardly be comprehended.
Meet the authors who personally document and expose the brutal reality of war. Meet the authors who personally document and expose the brutal reality of war. First on stage is the Finnish writer Sofi Oksanen who has written internationally successful novels about the shadow of the world war over the Baltic countries and Finland in conversation with this year's Bjørnson Prize winner - and one of the world's leading war correspondents and documentary writers - Åsne Seierstad. The conversation is moderated by Stig Hansén.
In the second part of the programme, we meet two of Ukraine's most renowned younger writers, both of whom have been translated and read across large parts of the world. They bear witness to the suffering of the Ukrainian people, but also to an extraordinary will to resist.
The poet, performance artist and translator Daryna Gladun was forced to leave her home in Butja when the Russians invaded the town. Today she is in exile, currently in the United States.
Award-winning poet and translator Julia Musakovska still lives with her family in Lviv, near the Polish border.
They talk about writing down war experiences with the Swedish translator and publisher Mikael Nydahl, who has a long history of working with literature from Ukraine, Belarus and Russia. When the war started, he contacted key Ukrainian writers and asked them to write about their realities. This resulted in the Swedish anthology Under Ukrainas öppna himmel (Under Ukraine's open sky).

Wednesday 24. May


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