To Kiss a Desert. To Kiss a Marsh.

Welcome to the launch of the anthology To Kiss a Desert. To Kiss a Marsh. This book has its origins in Azerbaijan, Egypt, Iraq and Eritrea, in Syria, Libya, Chechnya and Iran. The authors included in this collection have experiences far from everyday Norwegian life: to be unsafe in your own home, not to think too much or to love the one you want, to have to leave one’s life to save it. But also the collection contains stories about the things we all have in common: unruly desires, sudden joy and vulnerability in the face of birth, love and death. Thirteen City of Refuge authors are represented here: Montaser Abdelmawgood, Haile Bizen Abraha, Manal Al-Sheikh, Sanaa Aoun, Ahmedur Rashid Chowdhury (Tutul), Fatemeh Ekhtesari, Islam Elsanov, Ashur Etwebi, Benyamin Farnam, Ali Hayder, Mehdi Mousavi, Gunel Movlud and Nawzat Shamdin, reading excerpts from their texts in their native languages. Øyvind Berg, Hege Susanne Bergan, Johanne Fronth-Nygren, Nina Zandjani, Oda M. Qinsnes, Paal-Helge Haugen, Erling Kittelsen, Linda Kjosaas, Arne Ruste and Anne Karin Torheim read their Norwegian translations.

Foto: Tine Poppe. Aschehoug