Award ceremonies

Literary prizes awarded during the Norwegian Festival of Literature:

UPrisen – The young people‘s book of the year

UPrisen is young people’s own prize for the best young people’s book of the year.

The national UPrisen jury is made up of seven 9th grade classes from different counties in Norway. The classes read five books for young people chosen on the basis of young people’s reviews of the year’s books for young people. The classes then form an opinion about the books before delegates from all of the classes meet for the jury meeting in Lillehammer, at which time the final winner is announced. The UPrisen prize is awarded on the Thursday of the festival during the show “U”.

2015: Sigbjørn MostueUPrisen_LOGO_Svart_hvit
2014: Thomas Enger
2013: Ellen Fjestad and Marianne Kaurin
2012: Terje Torkildsen
2011: Axel Hellstenius and Morten Skårdal
2010: Lars Mæhle
2009: Endre Lund Eriksen

UPrisen is a collaboration between the Norwegian Festival of Literature and Foreningen !les (“Association !Read”). Read more about the UPrisen prize here

The Dobloug prize

The Dobloug prize shall promote Norwegian and Swedish fiction and has been awarded on an annual basis since 1951. The Swedish Academy administrates the prize. The announcement and award ceremony for the Norwegian winners will be held during the opening of the Norwegian Festival of Literature.
In 2015 the prize went to Kjersti A. Skomsvold and Ole Robert Sunde.
More information about the prize and previous prize winners available here.

The Eckbo legater’s culture prize

The Eckbo legater’s culture prize will be awarded during the opening of the Norwegian Festival of Literature. The purpose of the prize is to spotlight good dissemination of culture and is awarded by the endowment Eckbos legater.


Margreth Olin (Øystein Nordås)


2013: Bodil Niska

2014: Bente Hemsing

2015: Margreth Olin