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Full name: The Norwegian Festival of Literature – the Sigrid Undset Days
Organisation form: Foundation
Business Enterprise Number: 979 454 562
Bank Account Number: 2000 65 65981


The main objective of the Norwegian Festival of Literature is to increase the overall interest in literature and be a central arena for literature and debate in Norway. The festival’s key aim is to put literature on the agenda, provide meeting places for readers and authors, and facilitate networks between authors and artists. Our overriding objective is to give the festival greater clarity and significance.

Leading arts stakeholder
The Norwegian Festival of Literature is to be the largest non-commercial literature festival in Norway and to make its mark as one of the most important literature festivals in the Nordic region. The festival’s main emphasis shall be on fiction, but with a strong focus also on non-fiction and debate. Film, the performing arts, music and the visual arts are a part of the festival’s scope, with a given position through their relation to literature. The festival shall have a broad programme, and everything presented is to be of high quality.

National and international profile
The festival shall take contemporary literature seriously, ensuring presentation of its breadth and with a particular responsibility for promoting young authors. In addition to meeting with a wide selection of Norwegian authors, the general public at the Norwegian Festival of Literature shall also meet with prominent Nordic authors and a selection of particularly outstanding and important international authors.

Best at literature for children and adolescents
The Norwegian Festival of Literature shall continue the investment in children and young people. Through its collaborations with schools and kindergartens, Pegasus reaches out to a wide audience and presents established and young authors/illustrators side by side. The Pegasus programme shall be of a high artistic calibre with respect to genre, language and dissemination.

The Norwegian Festival of Literature shall be an important meeting place for an adult audience with an interest in literature for children and young people and offer a literature programme of interest.


The Norwegian Festival of Literature has had a “knutepunkt status” since 2006, a national festival classification as leading in a given field, making it a permanent entry on the National Budget. The state grants also trigger fixed subsidies from the county and municipality.

Festival funding in percent for 2016:

•    68 % public funding
•    18 % sponsors and other revenues
•    10 % ticket sales
•    4 % publishing houses

Key Festival Figures 2016

•    3.4 man-labour years divided between 4 people
•    Up to 225 volunteers, in addition to board and committee.
•    6 days
•    213 programme events
•    Over 104 collaborating partners
•    350 authors and artists, 170 of these as authors
•    21 nations
•    41 % non-fiction programme events
•   25 606 visitors

The Festival is held for a six-day period at the end of May every year

2005 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013  2014  2015 2016
16800 17000 20550 20000 22400 25600 23340 22 851 24 173 24 360 25 382 25606



Elected representatives and administration:

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