History and archives

The Norwegian Festival of Literature is the largestl literary festival in the Nordic countries and has taken place in May/June in Lillehammer every year since 1995. The festival originated from the Nansen Academy‘s Sigrid Undset seminars in 1993 and 1994.

Previous Festival Programs (Norwegian)

















Festival Themes

Until 2014, the Norwegian Festival of Literature had a main theme for each festival. Since then, there have been several focus areas, both geographically and linguistically.

In dialogue with the world 2023
British focus 2022
Nordic focus 2021
Spanish-language focus 2020
French-language focus 2019
Japan and Germany 2018
India 2017
USA and migration 2016
China 2015
Russia, Eastern Europe and Freedom of Speech 2014
Responsibility 2013
Money 2012
The city 2011
Detachment 2010
Truth 2009
The future 2008
Infidelity 2007
Staging 2006
Conflict and reconciliation 2005
Europe 2004
Crime and poetry 2003
Myths 2002
Power 2001
Folly and writers 2000
Damned writers 1999
What should we do with the story? 1998
The 70s in Norwegian literature 1997
The 60s 1996
A vision takes form 1995
The Middle Ages 1994
The biography as a literary genre 1993


Festival strategy 2022-2024

The Norwegian Festival of Literature aims to be the foremost meeting place for readers and writers in the Nordic region.

Artistic Leadership
The Norwegian Festival of Literature aims to be the Nordic region’s foremost meeting place for readers and writers. The festival will include literary diversity and maintain a high artistic standard.

Local Foundation
The festival is deeply rooted in the city of Lillehammer, with its history and literary heritage. Our venues and literary homes provide a unique setting for open and inclusive encounters between authors and the audience.

International Meeting Place
The Norwegian Festival of Literature aims to be a showcase for Norwegian literature and has a particular responsibility to promote younger authorship. The program will include prominent Nordic authors and a selection of particularly notable and important international writers.

Important Arena for Debate
Through its own events and collaborations with others, the festival will be a significant platform for literary debate. The festival aims to set the agenda on current societal issues and also leverage literature’s advantages to delve into the depths of ongoing public discourse.

Promoting a Love for Reading
Strengthening an enthusiasm for reading in children and young people is one of the festival’s most important tasks. Pegasus will be a national beacon for the dissemination of literature, maintaining a high artistic standard and reaching as many children and young people as possible.

Sustainable Festival
The festival will prioritize sustainable alternatives. It will contribute to awareness and knowledge about the environment, be open and inclusive, and excel as a platform for freedom of expression.

Predictable Financial Frameworks
The festival will continuously work to ensure a predictable economy, allowing room for further development. This is a prerequisite for achieving the other goals.