Under The Norwegian Festival of Literature in 2008 you could experience an experimental telepresence production. “On stage” you could see Margaret Atwood, Canadian writer, beeing interviewed by Simen Ekern, opinion journalist in Dagbladet, but in reality Atwood was located in Toronto, Canada, and Ekern was the only person on stage in Lillehammer, Norway. In the end of the intervju, Atwood signed books by the help of a “Long Pen”, an invention she initiated herself.

You can see the event here: Midnight In The Park – Experimental telepresence production – Knudsen 2008

We are looking forward to meeting Simen Ekern and Margaret Atwood on stage in Lillehammer this year. This time it´s for real.

Thanks to: Ontario College of Art and Design, Lillehammer University College, Telepresence Research group, Master class Multi Camera Television Production, LongPen (Toronto), Tandberg (no), Eidsiva (no), T-vips (no).
Headed by Dr. Claus Aase Knudsen, The Telepresence Research Group, Lillehammer University College, Norway.