No sooner have we closed the doors on the largest and one of the most successful years of the Norwegian Festival of Literature in Lillehammer, than the details for the festival’s programme in Frankfurt are released. This special edition of the Norwegian Festival of Literature takes place at the Guest of Honour pavilion at the Frankfurt Book Fair.

– We are pleased to be able to contribute to Norway’s major investment in Frankfurt this autumn. Our goal is that German readers will experience some of the most exciting Norwegian literature in an international context, says festival manager Marit Borkenhagen.

Festival program of 15 events

The Norwegian Festival of Literature in Frankfurt runs from morning to night on the private visitor’s day – Saturday 19 October. The program will consist of 15 events, embracing literature and other forms of artistic expression, with a particular focus on a general German audience.

– By concentrating on the things that make the Norwegian Festival of Literature one of the world’s best – carefully developed and planned author meetings across language boundaries, conversation leaders who have been responsible for some of the best events at our festival – we are confident that the German audience will enjoy a wonderful experience of Norwegian literature, both individually and together with international voices, such is the belief of artistic adviser Mathias R. Samuelsen. He particularly highlights the meeting between Norwegian Merethe Lindstrøm and Argentine Samanta Schweblin, resident in Germany, moderated by American John Freeman, and a unique conversation between husband and wife authors Linn Ullmann and Niels Fredrik Dahl.


10.00-10.25: The old Kings
Tore Skeie in conversation with Aslak Sira Myhre.

10.30-10.55: Short stories after Askildsen
Roskva Koritzinsky and Tomas Espedal, moderated by John Freeman.

11.00-11.25: Borders
Erika Fatland and Stefan Ort in conversation with Thomas Böhm.

11.30-11.55: Solstad in Germany
Dag Solstad in conversation with Iris Radisch.

12.00-12.25: New protagonists in Nordic Crime
Unni Lindell and Ruth Lillegraven, moderated by Ellen Sofie Lauritzen.

12.30-12.55: Nature and literature
Maja Lunde and guest, moderated by John Freeman.

13.00-13.25: Freedom of Expression series
Censorship and self-censorship in the Western world, with Lars Svendsen.

13.30-13.55: Norwegian-German / Argentinian meeting
Merethe Lindstrøm and Samanta Schweblin, moderated by John Freeman.

14.00-14.25: A personal story
Linn Ullmann and Niels Fredrik Dahl, moderated by Thomas Böhm.

14.30-14.55: The possible Novel
Johan Harstad and Gunnhild Øyehaug in conversation with John Freeman.

15.00-15.25: Inside the outsider
Thure Erik Lund and Carl Frode Tiller, moderated by Ellen Sofie Lauritzen.

15.30-15.55: Ibsen: Peer Gynt and Brandt
Ellen Horn from the Peer Gynt Festival and Roger Vontobel from Schauspiel Frankfurt in conversation.

16.00-16.25: From Out Stealing Horses to Men In My Situation
Per Petterson in conversation with Thomas Böhm.

16.30-16.55: Mytting, Norwegian legends and German fascination with Stave churches
Lars Mytting in conversation with Olav Brostrup Müller.

17.00-17.30: Guitar and Literature
Ruth Lillegraven, Tomas Espedal, Ida Hegazi Høyer, Øyvind Rimbereid, with music by Hedvig Mollestad.

17.30-19.00: Happy hour

For more information contact:

Mathias R. Samuelsen
Artistic Advisor
+47 951 72 611

Marit Borkenhagen
Festival director
+47 918 18 374