Mariana Enriquez

Mariana Enriquez (Buenos Aires, 1973) is an Argentine journalist, novelist, and short story writer. Mariana Enriquez holds a degree in Journalism and Social Communication from the National University of La Plata. She works as a journalist and is the deputy editor of the arts and culture section of the newspaper Página/12. She has published the novels: Bajar es lo peor (Espasa Calpe, 1995), Cómo desaparecer completamente (Emecé, 2004) and Nuestra parte de noche (Anagrama, 2019). She has also written the short story books: Los peligros de fumar en la cama (Emecé, 2009), Las cosas que perdimos en el fuego (Editorial Anagrama, 2016) and the novelette Chicos que vuelven (Eduvim, 2010). Her stories have appeared in anthologies of Spain, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia and Germany. In 2017 Las cosas que perdimos en el fuego was translated into English by Megan McDowell, and published as Things We Lost in the Fire in by Portobello Books[2] in the U.K. and Hogarth[3] in the U.S.

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