Welcome to Bank Night. There will be music, readings, exciting conversations, and dancing into the late hours!

This year's bank director is Marie Aubert!

18.00-18.50: Concert: Noriaki

Endre Ruset has had great success with his book of poetry, Noriaki, which was published in 2017. It has been called ski jumping poetry, since the poems consistently use the name Noriaki, after the legendary Japanese ski jumper Noriaki Kasai. Since 2014, Noriaki has also been a tea ceremony and an art project in live development together with musician Stian Omenås. In 2022, Endre and Stian decided to make a recording of the Noriaki book. They were joined by pianist Jon Balke and recorded the album over two days in Hov Church in Inland Norway. The result was a beautiful journey through different sounds and moods, from experimental minimalism to magnificent lyrical sections. The poems are short but full of grandeur. The music immediately grabs hold of the words and speeds into the unknown, but always finds its way to safety and landing – like a steady ski jump.

Endre Ruset, words. Stian Omenås, trumpet, percussion, glass bowls, harmonic, glockenspiel, misc. Jon Balke, piano.

19.00-19.50:Morgenbladet salon

Literature in the Age of Content
This spring, the newspaper Morgenbladet has examined literature's encounter with a new, digital reality. In several interviews, articles and essays, we have asked what happens when poetry becomes content in the attention economy. Can literature compete with streaming? And what are the media technology changes doing to readers' attention? Now we're bringing this discussion up on stage. What happens to literature in the age of content?
In Norwegian.

20.00-20.50: Nina Lykke

In her latest novel, Vi er ikke her for å ha det morsomt (trans. We Are Not Here to Have Fun), Nina Lykke gives readers a humorous insight into the ups and downs of the writer's life. We meet Knut, who has written a bestseller and achieved high sales figures, media attention and good self-confidence. But this is a thing of the past. In the presence of the story, he has writer's block and worries about his position and future. When the invitation to participate in a panel debate on Metoo in Lillehammer appears, it is a welcome opportunity to return to the limelight and be where colleagues are gathered. Knut accepts, even though he understands that he is being brought in as a stand-in for someone else and the circumstances surrounding the event are quite delicate. We will hear more about how Knut is doing at the festival when fellow author Marie Aubert meets Nina Lykke on stage at Bank Night.

In Norwegian

21.00-21.50: Poetry night

How should we view life, the vulnerable and existence? Is there hope in our dark times? Meet two writers with different temperaments, two poets from different generations and continents who lead a warm and heartfelt poetic dialogue about life and existence. The acclaimed American poet, literary critic and publisher John Freeman is one of the festival's friends and recurring international stars. His latest collection of poems, Wind, Trees, is an exquisite, low-key meditation on man's place in the world. He meets the young, genius New Zeeland poet Tayi Tibble, who writes with great linguistic sensitivity and humor about what it is like to grow up as a young Māori woman in present-day New Zeeland. In her poetry the traditional Māori imagination meets the young, global culture where music and fashion play a major role.

21.00-21.50: The Library of the Left – a literary canon award from Klassekampen

Klassekampen starts up Bokmagasinet's big award of the left's canon during the Norwegian Festival of Literature. The newspaper has appointed a jury and invites us to the first jury meeting during Bank Night.

We ask:

What books have formed the Left's ideas and how?

What does the jury emphasize in their selection?

What exactly are we going to do with canon?

The panel consists of Mimir Kristjansson (author and parliamentary politician, Rødt), Eva Stenlund Thorsen (CEO, Tronsmo bookstore), Yohan Shanmugatnam (author and journalist in Klassekampen) and Astrid Hygen Meyer (Ed. Bokmagasinet and moderator).

In Norwegian.

22.00-01.00: DJ Saunasatan

DJ Saunasatan, aka author Kjersti Anfinnsen, will guide us out on the floor and into the night to rhythms and tones from all over the world.

During Bank Night, Dj Saunasatan curates a boundless soundscape with multiple ethnicities and languages, a life-affirming, genre-bending and diverse mix with solidarity.

Friday 26. May


Kulturhuset Banken

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