Welcome to a magnificent evening of literature and music in Maihaugsalen with great authors’ personalities and musical performances. Linn Ullmann will be the host of the evening.

Hear her in conversation with Danish author and Nordic Council Literature Prize winner Solvej Balle about the art of telling a story.

Watch as the vigilant British political scientist Christopher Coker talks to the Finnish star writer Sofi Oksanen about the logic of war. Moderator: Laila Bokhari

Readings by Daryna Gladun and Yulia Musakovska, two of Ukraine's most renowned young writers, both of whom have been translated and read in many countries.

The musical performances of the evening are by Endre Ruset (reading), Stian Omenås (trumpet, percussion, mini harp, glass bowls and misc) and Jon Balke (piano). They perform excerpts from Noriaki.

Thursday 25. May



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